yesterday began like most other days.  i rose quietly in the new darkness of a september morning and sat.  here…on my woolen blankets, a shawl {knitted by my mother} draped over my shoulders.  i closed my eyes and i breathed.  slowly and deeply.

most mornings find me moving quietly and gently through a series of yoga poses.  this early morning hour – though sometimes hard to get out of bed – is time for me to be with myself and my breath.  this practice calms and strengthens me, brings me peace.

then follows the rest of the day.

yesterday :: there was breakfast for my two children and myself…homeschooling lessons…dusting…a quick check of the email…lunch…then off to violin lessons…return a defunct pencil sharpener to staples {do i really have time for an extra trip to staples?}…grocery shopping…back home to unload groceries…cook dinner…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  somewhere in there, the peace i had cultivated in my early morning practice began to escape me.  the to-do list rattled around in my brain.

what’s a girl to do?  well, breathe for starters.  then pick one thing and get it done.  pick another thing and move onto that.  after a full day, yesterday came to a peaceful close as i snuggled with my daughter before she went to sleep.  the stars from her ladybug nightlight dotted the ceiling.  all was well.

the to-do list?  most of it got done.  the things that didn’t get done?  well, today’s another day.

wishing you peace today.

sending a little love your way too, m

fall has begun

this past friday was the autumnal equinox, marking the beginning of fall.  many of us perhaps feel that fall has already begun {kids back to school} but on the earth’s path around the mighty sun, friday marked the official first day of autumn.  i planned to spend the day hiking a nearby mountain with my two children and a few fellow homeschool families.  doesn’t that sound like a great way to welcome the new season?  well, mother nature had other things in mind.  like rain, rain, and more rain.  we’ve had a lot of rain around here over the past few weeks.  between the rain last friday and the previous rainstorms which likely rendered the aforementioned trail a muddy mess, the plan to hike was cancelled.

so the kids and i donned our rainboots and walked the woods near a friend’s house.  these are after-shots of our boots…it was far too rainy to be carrying a camera that day.  but the mud is still on the boots, reminding us of the wonderful autumnal equinox hike through the woods.  the kids caught and released many a critter {trout, a frog, and the sweetest little turtle i ever did see…oh, i wish i’d had my camera for that turtle!}. all in all, a successful day.  a rainy walk in the woods with friends…tea and snacks afterwards.  i just had to put in a special shot of my new *red* rainboots which i adore!  i have wanted rainboots for years now…ever since becoming a mama.  dutifully, i have bought rainboots for the kids as they grow because i want them to know the joy of splashing through puddles.  meanwhile, i skirted the edges of puddles, walked along the creek’s banks…i didn’t want to spend the money on myself.  but darn it!  i finally did spend that money.  and it felt so good to walk through that creek on friday!  {in style, thank you very much}

i am eagerly awaiting the arrival of cooler, crisper days.  i love autumn {and, yes, winter too.  i know, i know…i’m a little crazy}.  we’ve had a few cooler days where the kids and i wore pants and/or long sleeves.  oh happy day!  but the past week has been warm and humid.  i’m trying to appreciate the warmth that the earth is offering us…affording us accessibility to things like the playset, hikes, walks, and bike rides without having to bundle up with warm gear.  and there are things like the late blooms of summer to enjoy as well…

autumn sedums are always crazy with flies and stinging insects at the end of summer and it’s wise to keep a distance.  but come september, they are a welcome burst of color in the yard.

the crape myrtle still has a few blooms left – and is full of berries – reminding me to enjoy…

there is so much to appreciate in these days as we transition from summer into fall…rainy days, tea parties, red rainboots, and end-of-summer blooms.  yes, so much good.

sending a little love your way,  m

waffles, anyone?

it was a waffle kind of morning at our house today.  usually i reserve that for weekends…it just seems a weekend-y sort of thing.  but i woke up this morning thinking that waffles were in store for us.  actually i thought about waffles when i was falling asleep last night.  i knew my kids would be happy.  and, yes, i knew i would be happy as well.

if you don’t have a waffle maker, you should think about getting one.  seriously.  waffles aren’t just for restaurants.

sometimes i use a boxed waffle mix, but i like making things from scratch.  the first time i made homemade waffles, they were so incredibly delicious…but the recipe i followed involved whipping egg whites until they were frothy and, frankly, that feels like too much work to do more than the one time i actually did it.  one of my sisters gave me a recipe for yeast waffles that you mix up the night before (big plus) and the bowl of waffle mix is waiting for you in the fridge when you wake up.  presto!  but they were sort of ho-hum.

recently, i found my way over to maya*made, and clicked on “eat”.  i discovered her recipe for one-bowl waffles.  {don’t you love a one-bowl recipe?}  i have found my waffle recipe!  i love that it contains whole wheat {pastry} flour, and i can substitute coconut oil for the melted butter, if i like.  it’s super easy to mix up and i love knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my loved ones’ bellies.  give it a try.  you won’t be sorry.

my kids had their waffles with maple syrup…naturally.  i, on the other hand, smashed up some strawberries with a bit of sugar and slopped it on top of my waffle.  my children were mildly horrified at the heap of fruit on my plate, but i tell you – in a word – delicious.

…for his last bites, my son cut a heart out of his waffle.  now if that isn’t a sweet start to a mama’s day…

sending a little love your way, m