ten things…plus three


lately, i’ve taken to making lists in my journal.  ten things, whatever comes to mind at that particular time when i’m sitting with pen in hand.  sometimes gratitude, sometimes complaint…always observation, noting, acceptance.

here’s my list just now.

ten things.
1.   hot cup of tea.  earl grey.  decaf.  almond milk.  maple syrup.
2.   music turned down low.  iron & wine.
3.   my daughter curled in chair by windows.  wrapped in fleecy blanket.  reading.
4.   my son still sleeping.  crazy {for this house}.  it’s 7 o’clock.
5.   the mist outside my window.
6.   the yellowing leaves of the river birch.
7.   the house so quiet and still.  holding me.  us.
8.   twinkle lights in the kitchen.  must get some by my desk.
9.   my daughter sniffling.
10. feeling content and very much right here in this morning.

and sometimes i write more than ten…

11.  eager to do my daughter’s science experiment this morning.  love a plan.
12.  my son will have three soccer games in the next 36 hours.
13.  pom-poms hanging from lampshade.  the button earrings my daughter made for me hanging too.

ever feel like writing but don’t know what to write?  
or ever feel like writing but also feel emotionally spent?
make a list.  just ten things.  or five.  or one.  it feels good.  i promise.


sending a little love your way, m



king arthur and the sedum


the autumn sedum {do you remember?} has turned.  dusty. rusty. pink.  i wait for this each year.  something about this plant and its turning at this time of year gets to me.  in the very best of ways.  outside playing with the kids or sitting at my desk and looking out the window, my eyes turn to the sedum again and again.  they’re not fancy.  i think that’s why i love them.

right now, as i type this, my husband is reading to the kids.  it’s bedtime here.  the light outside my window is fading…a rosy hue.  warm and muted.  it nearly matches the sedum. the house is quiet.  thank goodness.  my kids are so loud sometimes…and these days they’re into talking like gollum {of the hobbit and lord of the rings} or moaning like zombies {don’t ask}.  sigh.  it’s getting a little old.

but now.  now, it is so quiet.  just the voice of my husband reading king arthur.  the kids are curled on the couch, staring into space.  i wonder what kind of pictures are being painted in their minds as they listen to the tales of king arthur and sir galahad.  actually, i don’t think they’ve gotten to galahad yet.  but you know…the knights, the castles, the round table.

magical tales and the magical turning of the autumn sedum.  magic, magic, magic.


sending a little love your way, m




little drops


five down from the top of our steps last week
the sweet yellow buds peeked out
closed in the evening and morning hours but
by mid-day and through the afternoon
full and open and like
little drops of yellow-colored joy
so that walking up or walking down
i could not help but notice them and
be charmed by them
every time and they stay with me
little drops of yellow-colored joy
little drops of yellow-colored yes, please and
thank you


sending a little love your way, m



last week

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so there was a lake in our life last week.

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the {tiny} house in which we stayed had forty-seven steps leading down to the lake.  at the base of those steps, on our {tiny} rocky beach, there were boats for us to use…a rowboat, kayaks, a canoe.  we paddled a lot.  i’ve got blisters on my thumbs to prove it.

i always enjoy our family vacations.  but this one…well, it was actually relaxing and restful. like for real.  i suppose it helps that the kids are getting a little older. but it also helped that pretty much all there was to do was boat or fish or skip rocks or read.  we hiked one day, but mostly we were on the water {only in it one day, as it was chilly} or curled in a chair reading. it was quiet.  quiet, i tell you.

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

and as if the relaxing family time and the lake and the hills and the clouds and the wind {i do love wind} weren’t enough, on top of that i met a dear online friend {and her almost-one-year old with the cutest ever curls atop his head} for coffee.

yes, it was a good week.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t3 preset

it feels good to be home now.  it’s good to be away, but it’s good to return too…i like both parts.  the week away was exactly what we needed.  and i am more than a {tiny} bit grateful.

i hope your week was a good one too.

sending a little love your way, m



25 things that take my breath away


1.  peeking at my sleeping kids and giving them a final kiss for the day
2.  poetry…especially the everyday, free-form, non-rhyming kind
3.  mountains
4.  lakes, oceans, rivers
5.  the way the wind is blowing through our birch trees out back right.now
6.  our birch trees out back
7.  autumn leaves dancing from tree to ground
8.  snowflakes dancing from sky to ground
9.  sitting on the screened porch with my husband and twinkle lights
10. my kids
11. motherhood
12. the way bread dough rises
13. key lime pie
14. music
15. art
16. deep friendships
17. forests
18. the way a seed grows into a flower, vegetable, tree
19. tears
20. silence
21. my husband kissing our kids
22. hawaii
23. truth
24. knowing that the sky over me is also over you
25. this life…seriously


i’ll be away from this space next week as i enjoy a vacation with my family.
see you soon and be good to you.

sending a little love your way, m



inspired by bethany and her beautiful list.