Ten Things

Ten things, right now…

1.  red rooibos tea + almond milk + a red mug that reminds me of certain beautiful people
2.  Ben Howard on Pandora
3.  a list of to-do’s close by
4.  a glass of water close by too…I’m a good water drinker but lately I find myself succumbing to dehydration headaches…so I keep drinking even though I feel I might float away
5.  snow outside my window…dotted with bits of green and brown where yesterday’s rain made its mark
6.  nowhere to go until later this afternoon (so happy about that)
7.  the kitchen table…winter hats hanging on the chairs
8.  calling my daughter to start her math…but a certain sweet pup detains
9.  thinking about the lack of dinner prep today…take-out pizza is on the menu
10. wanting to curl up on the sofa with this book…but there is the aforementioned list calling my name…and so here I go

Sending a little love your way, m



On Showing Up (and being a little vague)


I started writing a post about my right now (one like this).  But the words were hard to come by.  And I found myself getting annoyed by the mess on my desk.  One might say well, why don’t you take five minutes to clean off your desk, give yourself a little room to write and breathe and think?  And that’s good advice.  But, I didn’t take it.

And so I write to you this morning, reaching over a clipboard and around some knitting.  My desk seems to adequately reflect the state of my mind. Cluttered, busy, full.  And I’m getting moments of clarity, I am.  Yesterday, I was writing in my journal and the words practically dripped off my pen.  And just when the writing seemed to be losing itself (me), it spiraled back in and brought me to a point of center.  And it felt good, so good.

But this morning, I feel lost again.

I find myself in this odd place of knowing what I want and not knowing what I want. Certain things in my life are very clear (family).  Other things are clear to a certain point (writing, photography).  It’s that certain point around which I feel stuck.  What am I doing?  Where am I going?

And I don’t mean to be vague with all of this (I apologize for being just that).  I just don’t know how to share it.  Homeschooling my kids is my priority. Working creatively is also a priority.  It’s fitting one in with the other that gets me in this sticky place.  I feel like I never have quite enough mental (or emotional) space to really process things, to really think things through.  I find myself in circular thought patterns.  And while circles and cycles are good (I love circles and cycles), sometimes they can make one a little dizzy. Sometimes they can leave one wishing for a point of exit.

And so this is what happens on a morning when I’m feeling a little lost. Dizzy writing. Going round and round without really getting anywhere.  I’ve tried to get something down.  I’ve really tried. And there’s something in the trying, yes?  I believe so much in the trying, in the showing up.  At first glance, the work is not enough.  And yet it’s exactly enough.  For now.

I’ll keep trying.  With my pen, through my lens, on the snowy hill as I sled with my kids.  I’ll keep trying and I’ll keep showing up.  Because I don’t know what else to do.

Sending a little love your way, m



It Begins with Mellow


Words of now.  In all honesty.
(I wanted to edit, but didn’t.)

Mellow.  Hot tea.  Fuzzy sweater.  Purple.  White chocolate (of which I’m not really a fan, but there’s no dark chocolate in the house, so there you go). Waiting. Procrastinating.  Overwhelmed (a wee bit).  (yet still) Managing. Quiet.  Content. Questions.  Truth.  Raw.  Wavering.  Excess (the white chocolate…I should have stopped halfway through).  Warmth.  Love.  Doubt. Strength.  Gratitude. Motherhood. Wisdom.  Muck.  Heart.  Intention.  Tears (not right now) (but strangely on my mind).  Red.  Grey sky.  Confidence (lack thereof).  Joy.  Dance.  Breath.

And you?  What are the words of your now??


Sending a little love your way, m


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:: Randoming ::


Some random things.  For you to click.

I’m a big Moleskine fan.  I use these for journaling.  And while I’ve used these planners for a few years and have one for 2016, I’m tempted to invest in this planner and shake things up.

I’m finishing up this book right now.  I’m pretty sure that as soon as I finish the last page, I’ll be turning back to the first…with pencil in hand, for a second run.  I have notes to make.  Good stuff.

My first taste of this chocolate was at Squam a few years ago.  And my sister gifted my family me some this past Christmas (yes, i totally admit to hoarding it; don’t feel bad for them; there were other goodies).  Um…delicious.

Another of my sisters gifted me this beautiful book two years ago (I have great sisters, don’t I?).  I now follow along on Instagram…beautiful, inspiring, makes one think (and feel).  Well, my friend Jessica has recently been inspired by the refugee stories shared there and, in her words, is “moved to assist in the welcoming and protection of these refugees in the U.S.”  Until the end of March, she is giving 20% of all income from sales and services at Stay with Yourself to the International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP). She says, “My hope is to raise at least $1500 to give to IRAP by the end of March. If you are interested in learning more about IRAP you can visit their website and read more about the work they do HERE.”  For a full listing of Jessica’s products and services, click right here.

Do you remember I mentioned this sangria last month?  Well, one of my aforementioned (awesome) sisters made it over the holidays.  I can officially tell you that it’s delicious.  And so pretty with the rosemary floating through.

And it’s not like any of us need more sweets after the holidays (am I right?) but, good grief, these are delicious.  And dangerous.

Also, this (five questions) and this (five more questions) and this (by me).


Sending a little love your way, m

Registration for 28 Moments is open!  Class begins February 1, 2016.  Join us as we mindfully explore our days with camera and pen.  Click right here for details.



Thinking About Pause + A Giveaway


A new year.  It holds so much, doesn’t it?

Part of me understands that we’re simply continuing on.  January 1 is not very different from December 31.  It’s a new day, yes (and how I love a new beginning) but the change in calendar year doesn’t much affect the daily doings of life.  Part of me also understands that the change in calendar year offers a built-in pause, an opportunity to reflect back as well as look ahead. It’s hard not to pause and reflect this time of year.

So I take it for what it’s worth, not weighing too heavily one way or the other. I appreciate a pause whenever it presents itself, whenever I invite it into my life.  And invite I do.  I would go crazy without pause in my life.  You too?

As I think about inviting pause, I think about the various tools I use each day…the tools that help me steer this side of crazy. Two of these are my camera and pen. Both camera and pen help me pause, help me slow down, help me celebrate.

The camera lens helps me see  more clearly.  The words help flesh out the rumblings in my head and heart.  They are both very much forms of meditation.

I’m getting ready to run my online class, 28 Moments.  This is a class where we use camera and pen to pause, to slow down, to celebrate.  You needn’t be a photographer or writer.  You simply need be curious about exploring your days with a camera (yes, this includes phone cameras) and pen (or pencil or keyboard) in hand. It’s a class that will open your eyes a bit more, your heart a bit more.  It will, I hope, open up your life a bit more.

Now here’s where the giveaway happens…
I’m offering two free spots for this class which will run February 1-28.  You can read full details about the class by clicking here.  If you’d like to enter for a chance in this class, please leave a comment below.  You can tell me/us anything you like…maybe what a pause looks like for you, maybe what you ate for breakfast this morning, maybe tell us a joke.  Simply share something and you’ll be entered.  (Already registered?  You can still play; if you win, you can pass that spot along to someone else!)  Comments will close Sunday, midnight PST; the winners will be announced here, in this post, on Monday, January 11.  Comments are now closed.
Thanks to all of you who played along.  The winners for this giveaway are: Janet and Lisa…congrats, ladies!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

Ready, set, go…

Sending a little love your way, m