after dinner
we find our way outside
flip flops sneakers bare feet
down the wooden steps
and into the yard

bellies full and satisfied
with grilled summertime fare
we tear free

the pup races in circles
our circles are larger less formed
and include
soccer ball cartwheels swing

the sun
our loyal daily guide
dips behind the junipers
peeks between boughs
whispers goodnight

we laugh smile tumble
revel in a summer eve
the grass cool against feet and ankles
the air warm in its embrace
gentle near perfect

and then
with some regret
we move indoors
the circles smaller and smaller and smaller

we each lie quietly with book
or closed eyes
one summer day transitioning
into the next

the air will turn crisp
layers will be donned
but the circles will go on
larger or smaller yielding

always we circle
around and with each other
around and with the seasons

circle cycle
essence and rhythm


sending a little love your way, m




this boy


this boy…
who just turned twelve
who practically bounced off the walls for three days prior
who came to wake me at 6am sharp so that we could go buy fresh doughnuts for breakfast dessert

this boy…
who wanted to see fish on his birthday
so we settled on the zoo and enjoyed other animals as well
who wanted to try out his new golf clubs
so we headed to the range after dinner and used every last ball

this boy…
who has requested the same birthday dinner for years now
which consists of new york strip steak, homemade fettuccine
(because he only likes mine, and i don’t mind admitting that this pleases me to no end),
adults-only vegetables, all followed by boston cream pie

this boy…
who listens to recorded lectures about black holes and space time
and enjoys video games more than i would like
who can read for hours at a time when lost in a fictional series
and who enjoys family read-alouds perhaps as much as i

this boy…
who has become very sporty but who also draws and paints with skill
who wrote haikus during april for national poetry month
and who runs his heart out on the soccer field, trying this new-to-him sport with a team full of boys who’ve been playing for years

this boy…
whose sense of humor is gaining sophistication
while also allowing for the less sophisticated, bodily-functions-type humor which cracks up his younger sister, ahem

this boy…
who gives the gentlest kisses
and asks his dad how his day at work went
and who, whenever i’m having a really lousy day, knows this and always finds some moment in the day to pat my back and ask if i’m okay

this boy…
he is a treasure, i tell you


sending a little love your way, m



this girl


this girl…
who just turned eight
who requested a hike on her birthday
and even though it was cold and kind of drizzly, she has a fantastic daddy who said we should go anyway
and, you know what, the hike was cold and kind of drizzly…but it was also a lot of fun

this girl…
who requested funfetti cake for her birthday
{and, even though i really wanted to make something from scratch, i obliged}
and who has a big brother who decorated her cake just the way she wanted it

this girl…
who gave out hugs after each present opened
who was as excited about the balloons her brother and daddy went out to get on her birthday morning as she was for any of her other gifts

this girl…
who loves glitter and sparkles
but doesn’t care a lick for ruffles or frill

this girl…
who is funny and bright
energetic and boisterous
kind and tender

this girl…
she is a treasure, i tell you


sending a little love your way, m



this pup


they told me it is like having another baby.  they told me it’s a whole lotta work.  they told me they told me they told me.

and i believed them, i really did.  but it is a different thing to actually live it.  so now there is constant monitoring and wake-up calls {regularly} during the night.  there is the worry of a little one eating enough, drinking enough.

but there is also the tiny warm body in the crook of an arm.  there are the warm kisses on the tip of a nose.  the golden curls on the softest of ears.  the wagging of a bitty tail.  there is the complete collapse into a deep and trusting sleep, nestled against one of us, wanting to be snug and close.

this pup is completely melting our hearts.


sending a little love your way, m

p.s. our little pup is a cockapoo.  and her name is kona.





this summer

this summer finds us moving through our weeks
faster than i might like
where does the time go, i wonder
one day melts into the next and shortly after eyes have closed
they open yet again to another new day
another new day that brings so much goodness

i thought i was going to free-list our summer for you
tell you about the swimming and ice cream and creeks and garden bounty
but i’ve deleted the words, the lines, the stories
because this is what i want to tell you

i want to share honestly that i’ve had moments where
i felt low and sluggish and unmotivated
but there were more moments where i was in the groove
and my heart was full
more moments where i lifted my face to the sun
and at the end of each summer day, my eyes have closed
and thereafter opened again

this summer
is just a slice of my life
a moment made up of minute moments
i note the weeding as well as the delicious food
grilled by a loving husband and eaten in the company
of two fantastic children
this summer has been good

how has your summer been? {or depending on your corner of the world, your winter?!}

sending a little love your way, m