waffles, anyone?

it was a waffle kind of morning at our house today.  usually i reserve that for weekends…it just seems a weekend-y sort of thing.  but i woke up this morning thinking that waffles were in store for us.  actually i thought about waffles when i was falling asleep last night.  i knew my kids would be happy.  and, yes, i knew i would be happy as well.

if you don’t have a waffle maker, you should think about getting one.  seriously.  waffles aren’t just for restaurants.

sometimes i use a boxed waffle mix, but i like making things from scratch.  the first time i made homemade waffles, they were so incredibly delicious…but the recipe i followed involved whipping egg whites until they were frothy and, frankly, that feels like too much work to do more than the one time i actually did it.  one of my sisters gave me a recipe for yeast waffles that you mix up the night before (big plus) and the bowl of waffle mix is waiting for you in the fridge when you wake up.  presto!  but they were sort of ho-hum.

recently, i found my way over to maya*made, and clicked on “eat”.  i discovered her recipe for one-bowl waffles.  {don’t you love a one-bowl recipe?}  i have found my waffle recipe!  i love that it contains whole wheat {pastry} flour, and i can substitute coconut oil for the melted butter, if i like.  it’s super easy to mix up and i love knowing exactly what ingredients are going into my loved ones’ bellies.  give it a try.  you won’t be sorry.

my kids had their waffles with maple syrup…naturally.  i, on the other hand, smashed up some strawberries with a bit of sugar and slopped it on top of my waffle.  my children were mildly horrified at the heap of fruit on my plate, but i tell you – in a word – delicious.

…for his last bites, my son cut a heart out of his waffle.  now if that isn’t a sweet start to a mama’s day…

sending a little love your way, m

2 thoughts on “waffles, anyone?

  1. So happy you found your way to my waffle recipe! Sounds like we have similar feelings about the need for “good” and ease. Welcome to the world of blogging, I’m so glad you’re here!


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