yesterday began like most other days.  i rose quietly in the new darkness of a september morning and sat.  here…on my woolen blankets, a shawl {knitted by my mother} draped over my shoulders.  i closed my eyes and i breathed.  slowly and deeply.

most mornings find me moving quietly and gently through a series of yoga poses.  this early morning hour – though sometimes hard to get out of bed – is time for me to be with myself and my breath.  this practice calms and strengthens me, brings me peace.

then follows the rest of the day.

yesterday :: there was breakfast for my two children and myself…homeschooling lessons…dusting…a quick check of the email…lunch…then off to violin lessons…return a defunct pencil sharpener to staples {do i really have time for an extra trip to staples?}…grocery shopping…back home to unload groceries…cook dinner…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  somewhere in there, the peace i had cultivated in my early morning practice began to escape me.  the to-do list rattled around in my brain.

what’s a girl to do?  well, breathe for starters.  then pick one thing and get it done.  pick another thing and move onto that.  after a full day, yesterday came to a peaceful close as i snuggled with my daughter before she went to sleep.  the stars from her ladybug nightlight dotted the ceiling.  all was well.

the to-do list?  most of it got done.  the things that didn’t get done?  well, today’s another day.

wishing you peace today.

sending a little love your way too, m

2 thoughts on “peace

  1. Calm centering…wow, the Violin music would certainly help me, though, as a musician, I don’t find much relaxation in the playing music myself, as it takes too much energy and concentration. I love to listen to others, and certainly find solace there.
    Bless You

  2. I am so very resistant to getting my days started…though I do thoroughly enjoy the quiet of the house when I’m the only one up. A warm, sweet cup of coffee nearby would probably help…though that probably defeats the purpose of calm centering.

    One thing at a time is how most things around here are accomplished these days…I have let a lot of things that used to be on my “holy tamales, gotta do…gotta do…gotta do…” list assume their rightful places behind the things that help fulfill my main goal in life right now…creating a warm, peaceful, and safe place for my family to come home to after their time away.


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