rain, rain, and more rain

this is how our sky looks around here lately.  the amount of rain we’ve had in the last month is unbelievable.  it has hampered some of our plans, but it has also inspired some.  like the walk we took over the weekend.  care to join us?

i don’t dare take my camera out in the rain.  but hipstamatic is a *perfect* solution to capture a rainy walk.  don’t you agree?

can you tell that my daughter is ever so slightly turned toward my son?  i love how she looks…turning toward him, looking up to him…

my son found this incredible caterpillar on our way.  yes, of course it came home with us!  after a bit of research, he discovered that {he thinks} it is a bedstraw hawkmoth caterpillar which will metamorphose into a pretty cool-looking moth.  we are terribly excited!  we’re hoping that a chrysalis in the butterfly habitat is in our near future…

this is my prize, this leaf…for being the third person {mind you, there were only three of us} to catch a glimpse of the bottom of the hill on which we were walking.  a treasure, for sure.

after a chilly, early october walk in the pouring rain, a cup of hot chocolate was in order.  so we kicked off our rainboots, left umbrellas on the porch, and headed indoors for a bit of warmth…

sending a little love your way, m

2 thoughts on “rain, rain, and more rain

  1. loved all of these images, but the one of your daughter looking up at her big brother pulled at my heart… reminds me so much of my two.

  2. Yes, I noticed several things actually, about your daughter…one, either the red boots you bought recently were for her, or you both got them, or her’s appear reddish in the photo. And yes you can tell she is looking up to her brother. Also, I noticed, looks like your prize may have been the caterpillars prize before you got it, or one of his friends had been munching on it.
    Bless You


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