breathing the woods

over the weekend,  i took a little walk in the woods with my family.  walking.  looking.  listening.

along the trail, amidst the first layer of fallen leaves, there were flowers to be discovered.  noticed.  appreciated.

further down the trail there were rocks to scramble.  climbing among the rocks, we were granted views of autumn’s gentle beginnings.

scrambling the rocks, pausing now and then to look through my camera lens, i felt no stress, no worries.  i was present in those moments with my family.  with the rocks.  with the woods.  i was breathing the woods.  really breathing.

and as we hiked back to our car, i noticed how relaxed i felt.  how content.  a few hours in the woods does a soul good.  a morning like that helps me feel the possibility in this world.  it helps me feel the possibility in me.

sending a little love your way, m

p.s. along the same lines…you might be interested in what heather’s doing here.



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