gnocchi…scrumptious gnocchi

last week i tried my hand at making homemade gnocchi, and i’m glad i did because it was downright delicious…if i do say so myself.  i followed this recipe {thanks for sharing, julie!} and it’s a definite keeper.  i omitted the final step of browning the gnocchi in olive oil and butter…mostly because i needed to get the food on the table pronto…but i can see how that bit of crisp on the outside of the tender gnocchi would be nice.

making the gnocchi is not hard to do; it just requires a little extra time.  the deliberate intention involved in preparing a made-from-scratch pasta felt so good and comforting to me.

after reading the recipe and beginning to mix the dough, i thought to myself how in the world is this dough ever going to come together?  but it did come together…sort of magically…all at once.  and i rolled away.

there was kale {and sausage} to prepare.

then i tossed everything together and drizzled it with the garlic butter sauce, grated some fresh parmesan {yes, you really must buy a chunk of fresh parmesan and grate it yourself; it’s infinitely better}…

voila.  a fairly impressive and delicious dinner.  do give it a try.  it’s so very good.

next time i make gnocchi, i might try using sweet potatoes.  my kids were only slightly appalled that there were {gasp} potatoes in the gnocchi.  i might as well go hog-wild and push the limits with orange sweets.

sending a little love your way, m


2 thoughts on “gnocchi…scrumptious gnocchi

  1. I tried the recipe last night and although the kids wouldn’t eat it, everyone else thought they were yummy! (The kid boycott was most likely due to the misshapen gnocchi I managed…next time I will add more flour and save a bit more time for making them.)
    So good!!! Can’t wait for leftovers for (breakfast?) lunch!

    P.S. I did saute the gnocchi in olive oil and butter as the original recipe calls for…next time I will skip that step…thought it was unnecessary… too much butter/grease.


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