creative clutter

we moved into this house less than a year ago.  from the start, a space in our sizeable basement was set aside for me…a space for me to be creative.  i share my drawing tables, easel, and general supplies with my two children…but, really, it’s my space.  i’ve yet to fully utilize, let alone organize, it.  things are a bit cluttered really.

if you saw the clutter, i would tell you that it is a manifestation of my mind.  it’s all a jumble.  things just plopped here and there.

but i’ve got big plans.  well, little ones that i just know are going to grow big.

i feel like i’ve stalled in this part of the house.  the kitchen was easy.  the bedrooms were easy.  family room…yep, easy.  sure, there are still curtains to be made and pictures to be hung on the walls, but it’s all very livable and comfortable.

but this area of the house – this area that is meant for me – has frozen me.  things are mostly on shelves and are accessible, save a cardboard box full of memorabilia and a few plastic tubs containing odd fabric pieces and canvas.  yet it needs a good dose of organizing and i don’t know quite how to go about it.

actually i think i do know how to go about it.  i need to dive in and just get moving.  get creating.  sewing, sketching, painting, whatever.  as i work, i’ll figure out where things need to be, right?

so why don’t i dive in?

fear.  do i have something to say?  do i have something to paint?  is it going to be any good?  i don’t know for certain.  but i know in my heart that i need to push past this fear and just get to it.  my drawing tables are set up and my colored pencils are at the ready.

they’re calling me.  i hear them.

what do you do when you feel fear holding you back from something???

sending a little love your way, m


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