woods and heart…wide open

we decided to camp this past weekend.  terribly exciting, as it’s been years since i’ve camped!  the kids had never camped before so they were pretty excited too.  we planned to go for one night, just so the kids could get a feel for it.  frankly, my husband and i needed to get a feel for it too…camping with kids who wake up at the crack of dawn no matter what time they’ve gone to bed the night prior was definitely an issue for us to consider.  but who can go to bed early when there are marshmallows to toast by the campfire and books to read by flashlight?

so camping we went…

last week had left me feeling harried, somewhat disconnected, and tired from all the questions and self-doubts through which i’m currently rushing.

but this

put things back into perspective.

we climbed on rocks, crunched through leaves, and whittled sticks for the aforementioned marshmallows.

after a miserable night during which the kids slept pretty well in their fleece jammies, fleece jackets, and warm sleeping bags, and my husband and i nearly froze in one shared, open sleeping blanket with not-enough-blankets {whoops}…i can say still that the weekend was a success.  hiking in the woods, camping next to a rushing creek, enjoying ever-delicious s’mores…what more could one want?

two glorious days and one cold night in the woods was exactly what i needed to clear my head and open my heart a little wider…yes indeed.

sending a little love your way, m



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