about a year ago, in addition to making an intention for each yoga practice {however short} that i did, i began making an intention for each day.  a simple thought of how i desired to carry myself through my day’s journey.  for a long while, the intention that came to mind was always the same…and some days it felt kind of generic, like i couldn’t think of anything else.  that word was mindfulness.  a good word no doubt, a fine intention…but sometimes it felt forced and i wondered if i should keep doing the daily intention thing.  i felt somewhat silly making these daily intentions, especially when it was the same day after day.  where was my inspiration?  but gradually, the words did make a shift.  and while my daily intention is still mindfulness on some days {because mindfulness is a worthy intention for anyone} new words are blooming within me.

this morning i was struck by the word that quite effortlessly came to my mind.  and as i type this to share with you today, i feel a bit vulnerable.

:: softness::

i hope to walk my day with a sense of softness.

my day will be filled with much that is ordinary…breakfast for me and my two children, dental appointments for both children, homeschooling work, lunch, violin practice, a trip to the grocery store, a chapter or two of little women, cleaning, snacks, laundry, playtime, dinner, a chapter of oliver twist, time spent with my husband, personal reading, sleep {beloved sleep}.

but part of my day will also be spent – and i’m not sure how/where i’m going to fit this in – reflecting on me.  i’m in the midst of a wonderful e-course with the lovely susannah conway.  it’s my second time working with susannah and a fabulous group of women…unravelling.  the course is a mix of photography and journaling with a heavy dose of self-exploration.  this week i’m doing a lot of thinking about the {negative} stories running through me.  there are a few…one that seems particularly powerful.  i was thinking about this as i was ending my yoga practice this morning…this gripping story inside me.  and when i ended my practice…sitting with eyes closed, hands held in front of my heart…i set my intention for the day.

the word was softness.

so i am setting out on my day’s journey hoping to walk with softness…towards my family, towards anyone or anything i encounter, towards myself.  i hope you hold yourself in a gentle, enveloping softness as you live your day as well.  happy thursday to you…

sending a little love your way, m

2 thoughts on “softness

  1. Michelle:
    Thank you for offering the magesty of walking with softness. My word this morning was “harmless,” as I try to outlive the stories that ghost through me. peace to you,


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