snow and pumpkins

last friday, we spent a fabulous day at a pumpkin patch with friends…a crisp fall day.  by late afternoon, the sky was grey and the wind was blowing.

snow was forecasted for saturday.  what?!, you say.  yep, snow.  in northern virginia….just two days before halloween.  i know, i know…i didn’t believe it either.  weather forecasters have been known to be wrong.

but much to the delight of myself, my two children, and my husband {it was the weekend!}, snow was – in the words of my daughter – “swirling whirling down from the dark clouds above.”  yes indeed.

it was enough to cover the ground…enough for the season’s first snowman to be built {and kissed}…enough for a few snowballs to be thrown.

the kids and i love the cold winter months and this early snow was surely a treat.  the icy snow on the still-colorful autumn leaves was quite lovely in the dim, stormy light.

after time spent playing in the snow, there was hot chocolate to be enjoyed. and pumpkin carving…for it’s october, after all.

happy monday…and happy halloween!

sending a little love your way, m



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