a little pruning

as we close this first week of november, i am reminded of the passing of fall as i look to the trees.

a lot of people dread this time of year…dread saying goodbye to the warmth of summer and all that the warmth affords.  but i actually welcome it…in fact, it can’t get here soon enough.  i love the way bare branches look against the backdrop of a sky, whether daylight or the dark of night.  and i love the cold that accompanies this bareness in the trees and the warmth that is found inside the home.

moving into the colder months necessitates the obvious slowing of outdoor plant growth.  it’s a time to put landscaped beds to, well…bed.  there are some plants i like to prune back before winter arrives; others, i leave as is.  autumn sedum is one of these.  its drying stems and flower tops can provide shelter for little creatures in the colder months, and they look quite pretty with a dusting of snow.  but last weekend we had an unexpected snowfall, and the heavy snow snapped the stems of many of our plants.  so a little pruning was in order.

i was a bit disappointed to cut back these still-lovely sedums.  though the stems and flower heads were drying and fading in color, they afforded a certain amount of beauty at the edge of our patio.  but it needed to be done.  and as i cut down these broken stalks, i couldn’t help thinking…

…sometimes we need a little tending, a little paring back, a little pruning if you will.  just like plants.  and right now i feel as if i’m doing just that.  tending.  paring.  pruning.  i’m taking stock of what is important in my life, creating space for reflection, discerning how i use my energy.  it takes a bit of effort.  but it needs to be done.

amidst all the damaged and dried flowers of our autumn sedums, i noticed this one stalk…still deep in color.

i brought it inside where it rests on our kitchen table, reminding me of the beauty of the now-pruned autumn sedums.  reminding me that good pruning creates room for future growth and health.

sending a little love your way, m

2 thoughts on “a little pruning

  1. Your blog reminds me to slow down and cherish the tiny moments of preciousness with my children, my husband, and myself. Thanks!


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