gratitude week 11.12.11

gratitude is defined in the merriam-webster dictionary as the state of being grateful; thankful.

for the next seven days, i’d like to meet you here and share some things in my life for which i’m grateful…things that i notice, things that i appreciate, things to which i pay tribute.  on monday, i’ll offer a suggestion for a little gratitude challenge in which you might like to partake.  the idea is to take some time each day to slow down, if only for a moment, and notice.  i’ll begin right now…

::  the cool, crisp autumn air

::  playing tag with my children yesterday; feeling strength and joy as i ran my very hardest against my son who now runs as fast as i {maybe even faster…}

::  my yoga practice in the quiet, early moments before the family’s day begins

::  a strong, healthy body; strong, healthy bodies of my husband and children

::  a new day…a chance to be the person i really want to be today

sending a little love your way, m


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