gratitude week 11.14.11 {and a challenge}

it’s day three of gratitude week.  i’m enjoying being mindful of the good in my life, of which there is so much.  gratitude is not necessarily new to me, but the deliberate effort this week to think about it even more is new…and it feels good.

would you like to join me in a little gratitude challenge?  here’s my idea.  one day this week {i’m planning on doing this tomorrow, tuesday},  once each hour – for a 12-hour period – stop for a moment.  find something for which you’re feeling grateful.  make a mental note; perhaps write an actual note in a journal or on a separate piece of paper designated for this special day; make a quick sketch; snap a photo…however you choose to record your gratitude.  stop and notice the moments of your day, your life.  the items on your gratitude list can be anything…as long as it’s something that moves you and fills you with a sense of appreciation.  it might be the melted butter on your morning toast, your wake-up beverage of choice, a kiss from a loved one, a new job, an upcoming vacation…

will you try this with me?  i’ll be posting my 12-hour gratitude list on wednesday 11.16.  feel free to share something for which you are grateful in the comments section on any day of this week.  don’t be shy {although i know some of you are}…do share.  it will feel good.

and now for today’s gratitude list:

::  yesterday’s community turkey trot 5K and fun run…something for everyone in our family

::  pumpkin pie {yes, i know that was on yesterday’s list, but i made a pie over the weekend and…well…someone’s got to eat it}

::  this blog space…and those of you taking the time to read my thoughts, view my images, share a little something with me

::  the lovely group of women with whom i’ve shared the past 8 weeks working through an e-course {unravelling 2} and the wonderful susannah conway who has created and orchestrated this magical space

::  the view from the window by my desk where, as i type this, i can look out to green grass, trees, and cows in the distance of a neighboring farm

sending a little love your way, m



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