gratitude week 11.16.11

yesterday i attempted my gratitude challenge…in a 12-hour period, i tried to note something for which i felt gratitude once each hour.  it was harder than i expected it to be…to carry this mindfulness with me all day long.  but i kept my little piece of paper with me and did my best.    i’ll admit that my second entry was entered in hindsight.  i completely forgot to even think about being grateful in that 8 o’clock hour.  slipped my mind…just like that.  but i brought back my intention, gently.  and even when i didn’t have paper and pen in hand, for the next few hours i made mental notes of the gratitude i felt periodically.  moving hour by hour had a bit of a mechanical sense to it…but i think the act of being so deliberate was an interesting exercise.

in our busy world and in our busy lives it is so good to slow down if only for a moment…slow down…notice…really. truly. notice.

so here is my list:

::  being serenaded with violin music as i prepare breakfast

::  freshly popped popcorn…with coconut oil and a dash of salt

::  seeing a friend who i haven’t seen in quite a while

::  a walk in the nature preserve…stimulating conversation

::  being gifted with the time and attention of two naturalists who volunteer their energies to educate the community…and my children

::  the imagination and laughter generated by my children and their friends

::  the unexpected, spontaneous {and generous} lunch with friends…which included freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

::  my unravelling e-course

::  birds at our feeders

::  ballet class for my little dancer

::  leftovers

::  bedtime reading and snuggles

::  the quiet that descends upon our house each evening as bedtimes arrive and we drift off to sleep, one by one…

is there anything special for which you’re feeling gratitude today?

sending a little love your way, m



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