gratitude week 11.18.11

today is day 7 of gratitude week.  i hope you’ve enjoyed reading bits of what fills me with gratitude this week.  it was lovely to have a place to share them…thank you for sitting with me a few moments each day and reading them.  the moments, the things, the people to appreciate are everywhere.  there really is so much good around us.  was there anything for which you were especially grateful this week?

here is my list to close gratitude week {though the intent will continue}:

::  warm tea

::  knowing that i’ll be spending time with my family in the coming days

::  my husband’s sense of humor…even on days when the humor doesn’t surface {because we all have those days}, i know it’s there…he makes me laugh

::  snuggling with my kids before they go to sleep each night and chuckling at the thoughts they share…last night, as i was gently reminding my daughter that she needed to stop moving her body in order to fall asleep {for the third or fourth time… ahem}, she informed me that her body never really stops moving completely.  you know… those white blood cells always moving through our bodies.  oh, yes, of course.

::  love

sending a little love your way, m



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