after a wonderful week with extended family, i am happy to pop in here this morning to say hello.  i have missed this space, have missed sharing with you.  my heart feels full of love right now…thinking about the many hugs and smiles shared over the past week, thinking about the many good fortunes in my life.  so, so good.

above you see my daughter’s hand, and in her hand is a rock she found…in the shape of a heart.  i thought i’d share this photo with you, share this love.  my daughter has a knack for finding hearts out in the world, this rock being just one example.  the other day, after i finished working out, she looked at my sweaty shirt and said i had a heart shape.  i took off my shirt, and sure enough, my sweat had a formed a shape that resembled a heart!  it was uncanny.  i love that she finds these hearts on her travels.

may your day be filled with love and smiles and hugs.  keep an eye out for those hearts out there…

sending a little love your way, m


One thought on “hearts

  1. beautiful! I thought it was a candy or some sort of fancy Christmas treat when I first saw it. I know a woman in her 80s who has a large collection of rocks shaped like hearts. It’s amazing to see them.


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