something to make :: spouted jar

one of my favorite uses for baking soda {besides baking} is cleaning cookware and scrubbing the kitchen sink .  straight baking soda works beautifully…simple and inexpensive.  i like to keep mine in a mason jar; it’s a bit nicer than the original packaging {i.e., cardboard box}.  also, when wet hands reach under the sink to grab it, i don’t have to worry about dripping water all over the cardboard box.

once you’ve got your baking soda and a mason jar with lid and band, you’ll need one of those metal spouts that you find on salt containers.  cut off the top of the container.

next, take the lid of the mason jar and trace it onto the spout and its surrounding paper.  this will be your new lid.

once you’ve cut out this circle, simply fit the spouted circle inside the mason jar band.

screw the lid onto your jar of baking soda and voila…you’re done!you can embellish your lid, if you like.  i’ve drawn polka dots here to liven it up a bit.  you could experiment with collaging on scraps of colored/patterned papers or fabrics; then seal with a coat of modge podge.  go on…get a little crazy.  buttons?!  beads?!

this is a quick project; it took me about five minutes.  and it’s so satisfying to reach under my kitchen sink, feel the glass jar, and see my colorful polka dots…much nicer than the orange cardboard box.  it’s little touches like this that brighten my day.

of course, you could use jars like this for things other than baking soda.  limitless possibilities…have fun!

sending a little love your way, m

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