remember the love

well, the holiday season is officially upon us.  thanksgiving is past, the calendar page has turned to december, and eyes are looking forward to the number twenty-five.  i have always loved the christmas season – not because of the presents {though that was the highlight when i was a child} – but because of the magic in the air, the presence of good will, the music, the pretty lights, the general cheer.

i believe that all people are inherently good and their goodness just seems to shine through more at this time of year.  people seem to smile a bit more, chuckle a bit more, embrace a bit more.  ideally, this extra goodness would last throughout the year…but i’ll take it when i can get it.  and if folks can muster up a little extra kindness and cheer for this month, then that’s a starting point, isn’t it?

i have a list of things to do, which includes presents to purchase, presents to make, projects to work on with my children…much to do.  and i am determined not to get flustered by any of it. because, really, what does the stress do for me?  nothing positive.

in years past, i would be pretty stressed right now as i’ve purchased nothing, made nothing, crafted nothing with my children.  but feeling stress will not get things done.  doing things will get things done, one by one.  so i will do them.  and i will try to be fully present as i do them.  for what is a gift that’s simply bought in a hurry, simply for the sake of buying?  i want to infuse my gifts with thought, with love, with tenderness.

truly there are bigger things going on than my holiday season.  there are people out of work, people with no home, people with no food…in my state, in my country, in the world.  but, right now, i choose to make my little corner of the world a good place. my family will make donations in the spirit of this holiday season, but we’ll also try to spread a little extra love, a little extra cheer.  because – at the risk of sound sappy – love…that’s what it’s all about, right?  this time of year, any time of year.  it’s all about the love.  it’s in me; it’s in you; it’s in all of us.  we’ve got to feel it, share it, spread it.

so go spread your love today.  and tomorrow.  and the next day.  and do the things on your list one by one by one.  but remember the love.

taking even one step in mindfulness can benefit all beings on earth.  

– thich nhat hanh

sending a little love your way, m



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