something to make :: votive holder

i came across this idea a few weeks ago and thought it a perfect project to do with my kids.  turns out, i was right {imagine that}.

all you need is plain, glass votive holders; rock sugar, in colors of your choice; all-purpose glue; paint brushes; votive candles or tea lights for the completed project.

paint the outside of the votive holder with glue.  then roll it in a bowl full of rock sugar, or hold it over a bowl and sprinkle away.

that’s it!

set aside to dry overnight. make sure to wipe the bottoms of the holders before setting them aside to dry {i placed ours on wax paper} or else they’ll be sitting in a small puddle of glue…depending on who applied the glue, ahem.

i’m planning to seal mine with a clear sealer like this since it’s coated with sugar. you could probably gently coat it with glue {if you’ve used a clear-drying glue}. place a votive candle or tea light inside; light and enjoy. they’re quite enchanting.

i can definitely see making these with various seasonal colors throughout the year. i’m sure my kids will be eager to join me; they had such fun with this project. out of sixteen votive holders, i was only “allowed” to do two. i have a feeling we’ll be making a trip to the craft store again soon…
have fun with this!

sending a little love your way, m


5 thoughts on “something to make :: votive holder

  1. I have always loved these, but since my older anti-crafter detests the ‘sticky-finger syndrome’, I have never made them. Maybe my littlest ‘glitter princess’ will indulge me!


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