{noticing the moments}

…taking some time to reflect upon my week…

::  loving the crispness in the air

::  crafting with my children…having to stop myself from “fixing” things and reminding myself to let them explore and create

:: candlelit breakfasts

:: the vibrant reds of poinsettia leaves

::  watching/supervising my son make us french toast for breakfast…delicious

::  the smell of fresh greens in the house

::  listening to the sound of rain and wind outside, and feeling so very cozy inside

::  loving the shared laughter of my children and their friends…loving the hugs, the held hands, the pats on the back

::  christmas music on pandora, a warm drink in my me mug, christmas lists on hand to do a little internet elfing…a quiet house

did you have any special moments this week?

sending a little love your way, m


2 thoughts on “{noticing the moments}

  1. The (Dessert Theatre) Christmas show put on by a dear friend and her church congregation…a very unique perspective, but a welcome message nonetheless. And enjoying it with my daugher and her friends was a much-needed respite from my mind’s non-relenting ‘busy-ness’.
    p.s. the cupcakes at the show’s refreshment bar were awesome too!


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