ready for monday

oh goodness, i have so many thoughts running around in my head and so many pictures newly uploaded, that i don’t know where to begin!  foremost in my mind though is the nip in the air and the time spent outdoors over the last few days.  considering we had snow before halloween (yes, really!), november was incredibly mild.  late last week, the temperatures dropped a bit…and i was quite happy about that.  i love the briskness of winter air; and i love the coziness once i’ve stepped indoors.

there is so much beauty to see around me.  when i squatted down to look closely at these wintering azalea plants, i felt – from that perspective – that i was gazing upon a prairie.  who knew that azalea plants could be so enchanting?

filling the bird feeders {geez, these birds eat a lot}, playing frisbee, riding bikes, searching for a christmas tree, pruning greens for the mantle…these are activities that occupied the hours of my weekend.  the sun was bright.  the family was relaxed and happy.  what more could a girl want?

after feeling anxious last week about various things, i eventually let go of it all and melted into my days, my family, my backyard.  and it felt pretty darn good.  i’m {relatively} refreshed and ready for my monday to begin.  i hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.  happy monday to you…

sending a little love your way, m


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