a lost tooth

my little girl lost her first tooth over the weekend.  she’s quite pleased with herself…a lost-tooth christmas tree, a lost-tooth frisbee catch, a lost-tooth bike ride, a lost tooth bowl of popcorn {you get the idea}.

but i find myself freaking out just a wee bit.  i don’t remember feeling so strange about the whole tooth thing when my son lost his first tooth.  perhaps that was because he had a two-year-old sister at the time and, subconsciously, i knew i’d get to experience this again.  but here we are with my daughter’s first lost tooth, and…well…there won’t be any more first lost teeth around here.  my little girl – and her older brother – are growing right before my eyes.

oh my.

sending a little love your way, m


2 thoughts on “a lost tooth

  1. oh, I totally know what you mean! My youngest has her first wiggly tooth right now, and when she came into my room, so absolutely excited about it the other morning, I was sad. Not just because she woke me up. Because it was a mourning again – of passing of time too quickly, in my opinion. How could this be ALREADY??? Weren’t you just BORN not that long ago? Anyway, that’s the toughest part of parenting for me – the letting go, the embracing of a new and wonderful stage.


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