be. who. you. are

it takes a lot of courage to grow up and be who you really are.

– e.e. cummings

this quote has always struck me…a simple statement, but a less simple concept.  it’s challenging to execute.  at forty years old, one might think i’m all grown up.  perhaps, perhaps not.

i’m not sure what lays ahead for me as i continue this journey of life, as i continue to grow {up}.  but i feel there’s something stirring inside me.  there’s something that i want to share.  this desire to share is what has brought me here to this space…to you.  a couple of weeks ago, i sketched something of this feeling…

i am hoping that i have the courage to be who i really am.  i know who i am right now, today.  but i also know that person will evolve…as my husband and i age together, as my children grow older and need their mama in ways different from how they need me now.  evolution is part of life.  and living this life, i too must evolve.

may i listen, and may i speak.  may i take risks.  may i have the courage to

sending a little love your way, m



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