waiting for solstice

we’re doing our share of preparations for christmas, and my children are counting the days till the calendar reads twenty-five.  the tree is decorated, christmas votives are made, gifts are bought and crafted, cookies are being baked.  and while i enjoy my children’s enthusiasm during this holiday season, there’s another tradition which i hope to instill in them…that of observing the winter solstice {this year, solstice falls on 12.22}.

i did not grow up with solstice celebrations, nor did my husband.  but being mindful of nature and her rhythms has grown important to me in the last several years.  and this respect for nature – this awe that i feel – is something i want my children to know and appreciate.

this year, we will gather with friends to prepare some solstice treats for our backyard birds…suet and seed chains.  on the solstice we’ll place these treats for our feathered friends in our trees, honoring our connection with nature.

i’m also envisioning gathering around a fire in the patio firepit…embracing the light and warmth of the fire as a symbol of the light and warmth that our sun provides…the sun that, after the solstice, will appear in our skies for a little bit longer each day.

complementing my plans for a fire is this lovely idea, courtesy of ms. pixie campbell.  if you have a few moments follow my link in the line above and watch the beautiful video she has made about her “mother of all releasings ceremony”.  i’d like to do a version of this with my children.  beautiful.

in a world that is busy and often harried, i constantly seek out ways of slowing down…for myself, for my children.  ways to mindfully mark the moments of life. ways to celebrate what is working and ways to let go of what is not.  sometimes following nature’s lead instead of that of the calendar…

sending a little love your way, m


3 thoughts on “waiting for solstice

  1. Beautiful post; I love your idea of preparing solstice treats for the birds and plan to emulate it:-) I posted a song for the winter solstice on my blog that you might enjoy. Your images are beautiful; love the sunset/rise? and trees.

    1. thank you for your kind words…the image you mentioned is a recent sunrise…and your birds will thank you for their solstice treats!
      thanks also for mentioning a song that you’ve posted about the winter solstice…i’m heading over to your blog to have a look/listen…


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