december days

take a 10-year-old boy who is looking for a woodworking project and here is what you get.

wait, we’re not done yet…

with creative vision and a little glue, the result is a rather lovely candle holder.  place a candle inside, scatter a few fresh greens around…and you also have a very proud and pleased boy.  i’m quite sure it will be lit repeatedly as we enjoy this holiday season…and for years to come.

there were lots of things that needed doing yesterday.  some of them were completed {laundry}; some were not {dusting and vacuuming}.  additionally there were lots of holiday things that i wanted  to get done.  but maybe the peppermint bark can wait another day, which means the chewy chocolate ginger cookies will wait another day…maybe they won’t even get made this year.

there’s no reason to make myself crazy.  no one is expecting me to do all the things on my list {except for me}.  this holiday season doesn’t have to be perfect….however one might define perfect.  i can choose calm.  i can choose peace.  i can choose mindful, daily living.  i can embrace these december days for what they are…moments in my life.  blips on the big screen.

so enjoy your moments.  fill them with things that make you happy, things in which you find meaning.  yesterday – for me – that meant working with my son on a seasonal candle holder.  that seemed an especially important task to complete.

sending a little love your way, m


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