embracing intentions

peace.  it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.     – anonymous

this quote, this quote…i have read it over and over, and each time i read it, it sits deeper in my soul.  at the beginning of 2011, i chose a word to lead me through my year…a way to practice mindfulness, a way to gently guide my actions.  the word i found myself journaling about was peace.  so with the intention of holding peace at the forefront of my mind and life  – and the quote above on my refrigerator for frequent viewing – i lived 2011.

and do you know what?  setting this intention helped me.  the mindful act of carrying the word peace with me…in my literal words, in my daily actions, in my endless thoughts…mattered.  it made a difference.

this is not to say i did not experience stress, that i did not lose patience with my children, that i did not make less-than-ideal choices ever.  but as i checked in with myself time and time again, i was intensely aware that i was experiencing things in a different way.  a way that incorporated gentleness and acceptance.  a way that allowed me to bypass the chaos and hoopla in which i’ve often indulged in the past.  it was so subtle in some ways…so powerful in others.

this word…peace…will stay with me.  i will endeavor to make it a permanent part of my life.  and additionally, as i welcome the new year and turn the calendar page to january 2012, i plan to set a new intention.  i’m journaling about a word that has been coming to me lately.  would you care to hear about it in the new year?

in the meantime, perhaps you might take some time to reflect on a word that resonates with you.  if you can carve out some time to sit with a warm drink and pen and paper, fabulous.  if you can find some quiet moments as you lay in bed before drifting off to sleep, wonderful.  if the only time you can find is a few minutes in the shower…well, use that time.  let your mind wander, let your heart question, let your being listen.  choose the word, the nudge, the intention.  then embrace that intention and live it.  it makes a difference.

sending a little love your way, m


***i mentioned susannah’s journaling workbook for 2012.  if you haven’t checked it out yet, i encourage you to click here.


3 thoughts on “embracing intentions

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  2. oh that is so cool! you began 2011 with that quote and I ended 2011 with that quote– *chills* love it– love that we are all learning this stuff together and making our worlds better, day by day– sending you big love and lots of light!! xoox, e

    1. oh that is cool. it’s so fabulous to know we’re all doing this together – as you said – day by day.
      thanks for the love and light…lots of that to you as well. i’m so very happy that you’ve stopped by…


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