{noticing the moments}

…taking some time to reflect upon my week…

::  bedtime kisses from my daughter each night…one kiss on the lips, one kiss on each eye, and then the tiniest, gentlest kiss on the tip of my nose…she calls it a fairy kiss

::  my son patting me on the back and whispering, “it’s okay, mama”…in an effort to help as i struggled to make our foreign language computer program-voice recognition thingie work yesterday (i wanted to curse at the computer…but how could i when my son was rubbing my back so tenderly?)

::  peppermint

::  sunrises

::  feeling inspired by connections within an extended community…a community that i feel growing with each passing day

::  my children belting out do you hear the people sing? from les miserables…they are in love with the show’s music

how has your week been???

sending a little love your way, m


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