clarity.  as defined by merriam-webster, clarity is the quality or state of being clear.

finishing my yoga practice yesterday morning, i sat with eyes closed, hands held in front of my heart.  i sat in stillness, allowing a word – an intention – to come to me.  i do this most days.  it’s a practice that i find brings me peace, a practice that affords me the mental space i need to navigate through my days.  sometimes the word comes immediately, and often the words repeat…mindfulness is a word that regularly surfaces.  some days, no particular word comes to me; i’m blank.  and some days, the word just knocks me off my seat {or yoga mat, as the case may be}.

yesterday morning, the word that rose in my mind was clarity.  my hands were barely in place, fingertips barely touching, before this word came to me.  it was there, in an instant.  and unlike some days, when i feel like i’m waiting and wondering about an intention, i was so sure about this word.  clarity.  it felt so…clear.

i spend a lot of time in my head, in my thoughts…which is all fine and good.  but it’s necessary to lay some of that out once in a while.  i find that things sometimes get muddled in there, get too crowded.  and with all the muddling, things occasionally exaggerate and distort themselves.  there comes a point when there needs to be an expression of those thoughts, a release, an opening.

in a recent conversation with my husband, we discussed something that had been on my mind, something that needed a little planning.  in my mind, it had built up to something large and looming, something complicated and messy.  after talking with my husband, it all seemed quite clear, quite manageable…quite good.  some of that lies in the fact, i think, that my husband has a wonderful and different way of looking at things than i do; he offers me new perspectives.  but it also has to do with the fact that i literally gave voice to the thoughts running around in my head.  sometimes things have just got to be heard.

on the heels of that conversation, i felt like i had cleaned house a bit.  there were no more bigger-than-life scenarios inhabiting my head.  just the facts, laid out neatly.  and so things got checked off the to-do list yesterday…things that needed doing but couldn’t get done until a conversation was had, until perspective was gained.

so, clarity.  i am hoping to keep this intention with me as i much prefer lucidity to messy insanity.  feeling clear and light and open…yes, i embrace this.

sending a little love your way, m


6 thoughts on “clarity

  1. I’m with on the words, especially clarity. I’m glad you like the concept of centered life. I’m going to elaborate on it further and talk to people who are entering or are in it. I’d love to write a book on it eventually.


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