my winter sycamores

i’m feeling a bit prickly these last few days.  and i keep thinking about the winter branches around me this time of year…feeling a bit bare like them.

these sycamore trees are on the property of our neighbors, and they bring me joy.  when i’m out on a walk with my kids or when i drive down the street to our home, i always notice these big beauties.

i especially love them now, in the winter…the starkness, the crisp lines against the winter sky.  the fluidity and movement of the branches is so visible when the tree is free of its summer green.  i love the shape that these branches give…a skeleton of sorts.  twists, turns, tangles.

i love these, my winter sycamores.  they make me happy.  and if i keep identifying with these trees, then i must feel the beauty in myself somewhere too…

do you feel your beauty???

sending a little love your way, m


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