{noticing the moments}

…taking some time to reflect upon my week…

i’ll mention first…i referenced yesterday feeling a bit irritable, a bit prickly…and, sitting down to write this post, i began thinking that i didn’t have anything to write about.  but i stopped myself from digging in too deep with that negative train of thought.  i told myself there had to have been some things that i noticed, some things that gave me pause.  sure enough…

:: watching the clouds part…waving away a rainy morning and beckoning a sunny afternoon

:: the help of a fellow blogger {thank you, susannah}…i emailed her with a technical question and she took moments out of her day to answer my question.  i appreciated such generosity…

:: the arrival of a juicer…i’ve been experimenting with green smoothies…excited to add juices to the mix.  here’s a quick article discussing differences between the two

:: regarding said juicer…here’s the list of what my kids want to make:  apple juice, orange juice, and lemonade…sigh

:: playing with friends

:: attending the “art retreat” that my 6-year-old daughter ran for me…bundled-up bodies and sidewalk chalk…sweetness

hoping your week was filled with wonderful moments as well…

sending a little love your way, m


4 thoughts on “{noticing the moments}

  1. So sorry you are feeling prickly:( Not a fun feeling. How wonderful that you were able to push through that and see the beauty……that’s not always an easy thing to do. Congrats!


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