quote notes…from me to you

this past fall, i came across a scrap piece of paper covered with a watercolor wash.  on it, i wrote a favorite quote.  it now sits propped on my desk where i see it every day.  and every day i read it.  and every day it makes me pause – just for a moment – and think.

i’ve got a second copy of this quote in my wallet.  and whenever i open my wallet, i glimpse the quote, i pause to read it, and i think.  i’ve started calling these my quote notes.  little bits of inspiration just for me.

and i’ve been wondering lately if maybe you might like a little quote note…to prop somewhere in your home or maybe to tuck into your wallet.

would you?

i’ll choose a favorite quote to send you, trusting that the words i pick will find some meaning in your heart.  i’ll embellish the card with a touch of something so that you know my hands have touched the card, that it comes with a little bit of love…from me to you.

send me a personal email at michellegyauchdzema@yahoo.com which includes your full name and address…and i will mail a quote note your way.  and if you’d like to forward this link along to friends, please do.

this is my way of sending a little love out into the world.  i’ll be accepting requests for quote notes until february 10, and will mail them out by february 29.

sending a little love your way, m

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