what makes you happy?

everyday life is full of challenges…ups and downs.  but there’s always something good there, if you look closely enough.  there’s always something that makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you feel happy.

this weekend, it was simple things that made me happy…

a beautiful blue january sky…playing outside with my kids…crisp, winter air.

time to cook a relaxed meal…in this case, carmelized onions, spinach, feta cheese, toasted walnuts over linguine (oooh my).

chocolate cake.

cleaning the dishes after dinner, moondance was playing on sirius.

all good.

these were happy spots in my weekend.  sure, there were things i wanted to get done…like finishing up the house cleaning.

but the blue sky, the carmelized onions, the chocolate cake…those things did happen.

stop for just a minute now…think of one {at least one} thing that makes you happy…now make it happen this week!!!

sending a little love your way, m

p.s. i know you can’t make a blue sky happen.  but if one hangs over your head…and if that’s something you enjoy…then take note of it.  feel happy beneath that canopy of blue…

********** for some fun and inspiration this week, visit bella’s 52 photo projects.  this week she’s got a valentine’s handmade showcase, featuring an artist each day of the week.  fun and beautiful and handmade!  click here for today’s post, then check back each day this week…


9 thoughts on “what makes you happy?

      1. haha! yes, because the name of you post is ‘what makes you happy” lol oh my…this is cracking me up:))


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