{noticing the moments}

…taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: feeling the soft earth underneath my feet while walking with friends…laughing

:: appreciating the warmth of eggdrop soup as i nursed a cold this week

:: relishing the surprise shock of my children when i allowed them to get a doughnut from the bakery…they were drooping as we finished with the produce section of the grocery store, and i couldn’t image getting through the rest of the store without some kind of extra-special pick-me-up

:: noting changes in the sky as the weather cycled through sun, rain, sun

hoping you enjoyed some special moments in your week…

sending a little love your way, m

4 thoughts on “{noticing the moments}

  1. My kids do the same thing when we make exceptions and let them have “regular” sugar ” what really? are you sure?” it can be embarrassing…haha! People look at me like oh, those poor deprived children:)))

    Lovely post! Here’s to beautiful moments…


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