tulips + me = happy

last week i so enjoyed sharing with you some things that make me happy…leisurely cooking a delicious meal, a blue sky, chocolate cake.  simple things that bring a smile to my face…oh, how i do love to smile.  and i asked you to consider what makes you happy and then to make it happen.  did you do something that makes you happy last week?  no matter how small it might be, i hope you did something because you deserve it.

do you know what i did?  i bought tulips at the grocery store.  i wasn’t planning on buying them…i rarely buy flowers even though i adore them and my daughter frequently asks me to get some.  i always hesitate.  but not last week.  i scooped up a bunch of purple tulips without hesitation.  it was like there was a sign hanging from the bunch saying “these tulips, they’re for you!”

and these tulips have brought me happiness for days now.  i’ve been taking a photo of one particular tulip out of the bunch each day…noting how it varies from day to day.  the first day i had to stand above the flower to look down into its center.  with each passing day, as the tulip opened more and more, i saw its center as i gazed directly at it.  in the photo below, three petals are barely hanging on {if you look closely at the center bottom of the image you’ll see what i mean}.  the tulips’ days are passing…they are numbered…and yet the beauty is fully there.  every bit as beautiful as the day i bought them.

our beauty is there too…mine, yours.  it’s there for enjoying, appreciating, sharing.  so be beautiful.  be happy.  be you.

sending a little love your way, m


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