{52 photo projects…nourish}

joining bella’s 52 photo projects

the prompt for this week was a choice of prompts re-visited from past weeks.  i chose week 1…nourish.


most mornings find me sitting on these blankets, eyes closed, breathing deeply.  after a short pranayama practice, i move through a few yoga poses.  gently…because i’m generally still sleepy.  there are mornings when i do not want to get out of bed at this early hour, but mostly i do.  because after 1 1/2 years of this practice, i know the benefits.  this yoga practice…this consistent practice…nourishes me.  yoga nourishes my body.  yoga nourishes my soul.  i am so clear on how this time spent breathing and moving mindfully carries into my daily living.  as i navigate my life and organize and prioritize, i know that this morning time is non-negotiable.  i must keep this time in my life; i need it.  and, ultimately, those around me need it too.  because it colors my being and the ways i interact with everyone and everything around me.  the effects are both subtle and powerful.

this time sitting on these blankets, moving on my mat…nourish me.

what nourishes you???

sending a little love your way, m

11 thoughts on “{52 photo projects…nourish}

  1. Ooh. Today is the perfect day for me to read this. I am trying so hard to get a daily practice going. For some weird reason routines are really hard for me. I do okay for a few days and then I rebel. Your experience is good motivation for me!

    1. it has helped me so much to accept that *any* bit i do really and truly matters. it doesn’t have to be a full-on hour-long practice. five minutes makes a difference too.


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