you might not guess this about me, but i’m actually a pretty private, introverted soul.  despite that, here i am openly sharing myself.  and quite loving this space i’ve created…sharing my photos in which i find so much joy taking, sharing my words in which i find so much joy writing.

committing to this space provides important nudges to put myself out there.  to push the fears and uncertainties behind me.  to call the confidences and hopes to the fore.

i don’t spend a lot of time surfing the web,  but i check in with various blogs as much as i can.  and, i tell you, i am blown away by what i find.  there are so many phenomenal individuals out there…talented, intelligent, genuine, creative, knowledgeable, intuitive…so much inspiration.

most days these visits lift me up.  but occasionally i feel my spirits drop as doubts and questions begin their swirling movements inside my head.  as years pass, i stand easier in my shoes, am able to sit with doubts {slightly}more comfortably, am learning to cast these doubts aside.  but it ain’t easy.

i hope the words i speak, the images i share resonate with others.  i desperately want to share the love that i hold in my heart.  i want to live my life fully and inspire others to do the same.  but at the end of the day, i must take the photos i take…must write the words i write…must draw the images i draw…for me.  i feel like creativity is my soul’s work.  if i’m lucky enough to connect along the way, then that is a bonus…a blessing to embrace.

sending  you courage for those occasions when you step outside your comfort zone…

…and, as always…

sending a little love your way, m


17 thoughts on “emerge

  1. beautiful post michelle. i love your self-portraits and your words. i hope this project is helping you to see yourself in a new light and gain some more courage! (somehow self-portraits do that for me) thanks so much for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  2. hi, michelle. i came here via the {in the picture} link-up party, and i found what you wrote very interesting. i have felt the same way about my blogs/photography/writing in the four years that i have been blogging. but i recently read a lot of thing from a writer i recently discovered that helped me see that one of the reasons creative people are creative is to connect… in fact, it’s the biggest reason. it put my creative endeavors into a whole new light. he also writes about how our artistic gifts and talents can and should be a gift to others at some point.

    here is a link to his blog.
    if you scroll through and read some of the more recent posts, you will see what he says about creativity as a means to connect and creativity as a gift.

    anyway, i like your self-portraits today… and the thoughts that go with them.

  3. Love your words, they really resonated with me – I think true connections always require authenticity. And sometimes I find that the same places I find such wonderful inspiration can fill me with doubts too. I really should be over this now I’m in my forties! Love both your images. And very jealous you are going to squam!

  4. ” i feel like creativity is my soul’s work.” mmmmm, so much goodness here. I feel like I came to this lesson a little too late in life. All those endless creative projects I hammered out full of stress and doubt because I was creating/doing for others. Amazing how rewarding it is when we finally get around to doing it for ourselves, isn’t. By all means, if you see me stop blogging, writing, posting photos, shake me and tell me to create for my own soul’s work.

    love seeing your photos and reading your words. you are one gorgeous lady.

    1. oh, laura emily…too late in life?! you have figured this out long before i ever did…you are ahead of the game in my book!!!! i appreciate your words here and find comfort in knowing that others get what i’m saying. it’s so cool making these connections…

      1. don’t let the 25 years my driver’s licence claim fool you. I’m going on 70 deep in these bones as my choice of curtains and stylish granny sun-glasses indicate.

  5. oh, I can so relate to so much of this.

    on an unrelated note, I see you’re doing the 10 day fast. I’d love to hear more about this – feel free to email me.

    I also see you’re going to squam – a friend and I have flirted with the idea of going this year – we’ve always felt like we’re “not quite creative enough” – this resonates with your post. :)


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