{52 photo projects…week 44}

joining bella at 52 photo projects

this week’s prompt…what inspires me.

a lot actually…because, honestly, i am inspired everywhere i turn.  there is beauty in nature and in people, in poems and in paintings, in conversations and in dreams.  what inspires me to step behind the camera…where to begin?

i begin with my children…their energy, sweetness, authenticity, passion…their pure sense of love.  with my children at my side, i have learned again how to look at the world with a child’s eye.  i notice birds that i never used to notice before, look for the first blooms and the first hint of autumn color.  as a young adult, i think i was in such a hurry.  for what?    well, i’m not exactly sure.  while i appreciated the beauty of the world around me, i know i rushed by so much of it.

with my children i have learned to slow down a bit.  and i have gained a new appreciation for the documentation that my camera allows.  i am able to capture a glimpse of the beauty that my children are, and i am able to make artful studies of nature and daily life.  life inspires me.  my children inspire me.  they inspire me to be a better person…someone who strives to live mindfully and with grace and acceptance for all that is…someone who takes the time to notice, to document, to share.

sending a little love your way, m


7 thoughts on “{52 photo projects…week 44}

  1. Beautiful post! I, too, find the beauty in the everyday. It’s something that comes naturally, I guess. I’m a bit of a dreamer ;). I especially love the photo of the little ballerina feet and a touch of tutu…..so sweet.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. sounds like the perfect place to begin for inspiration.
    I also adore what they’ve taught you.
    maybe there is hope for me yet when I bring a few kiddos into the world!


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