a juice fast

i am in the midst of a 10-day juice fast…day 3 to be exact.  i’m part of an online group led by the lovely laura emily.  so far, laura emily has guided us through a three-day prep and is now leading us gently through the actual fast.  there are all different kinds of fasts going on within the group…juice only, juice and smoothies, raw food only, vegan {i’m not sure if anyone is doing water only}.  i am loving how supportive laura emily is of everyone in the group and how she’s helping us figure out what will make up our individual fasts.  she provides us with journaling prompts which have already proved extremely helpful to me.  from the first prompts, i gained insight into something i had no idea was connected {in my mind} to this idea of fasting.

so far there have been some good discussions – both fun and serious – on a private facebook page and laura emily is providing us with wonderfully informative posts every day.  i am loving the small community created around this fast and am loving the input from our leader.

it’s not my intention to be evasive about my reasons for doing the fast.  but i do want to keep words to a minimum as i am sensing that this fast is so much about feeling for me.  thoughts are swirling in my mind about what i’m doing and why…but i need to really sit with all this and just let things be

life goes on outside my juice fast.  there is a home to maintain and two children to homeschool.  i don’t have silent hours to contemplate my soul, but i’m looking for moments where i can do this.  and i can tell you that i am deeply appreciating the deliberate and mindful choices i am making throughout my days.  and i am finding beauty…

sending a little love your way, m

4 thoughts on “a juice fast

  1. i LOVE having you in the group. You bring such a fresh, thoughtful and positive energy to the conversation.

    and I absolutely demand that you share your beet juice recipe with us!


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