making it my own

fasting means different things for different people.  for me, my fast is not about deprivation, it is not about sacrifice, it is not about religion.  instead it is about a very deliberate and very mindful intention regarding what is going into my mouth and my body.  i’m not really concerned with how others define a fast.  my fast is about clearing my body and, i hope, my mind.  it is a slowing down of sorts – even though the rest of my life carries on in its usual fashion.

i am ultimately curious about the process, the journey.  i am drawn to the idea of detoxing my body, ridding it of things stored for which i have no use.  i am also quite curious about the possible emotional expansion that can result from such a journey, releasing emotions and thoughts from which i no longer benefit.

this is a challenge i have set for myself.  i’m actually quite proud of the discipline i’ve shown so far…not even a lick of a finger when preparing food for my family.  of course that wouldn’t be the end of the world.  but it is my choice to avoid such things.

a year ago i read a bit about fasting and it didn’t interest me in the least.  for some reason though, right now, it interests me.  so i continue with this little experiment of mine.  because i am so intensely interested to see how it all plays out.  i realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  i know my children don’t get what i’m doing despite my attempts to explain.  and, while my husband is supportive, i know he doesn’t really get it either.  and that’s okay.  this is for me.

truth be told, i am dying to chew something.  i’m so tired of the endless liquid.  but my energy level is good and my mood is turning mellow. there is a space and a patience that i am feeling.  it grows from my mindfulness these days.  true, i might find this space and patience on another path.  but this is the path i have chosen for me, right here, right now.  and i am making it my own.

sending a little love your way, m

5 thoughts on “making it my own

  1. Hi, Michelle, it’s me again. I’ve had your little card on my mind on and off all day. My very dear friend has been trying to de-clutter for some time, and makes mention on this to me often. Do you sell these? I would be very interested in buying one!
    Thanks, Margaret

  2. I love that you are curious about your fasting experience! And the little card??
    Oh my, it made me smile……


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