…an interview over at 52 photo projects

recently i was asked if i’d like to share a bit about myself and my photography over at 52 photo projects. well, yes, i’d enjoy that quite a bit…

bella writes her own blog, she told stories, where she shares her lovely photos and written reflections.  she also runs 52 photo projects which is a fabulous community for photographers to share their work and passion for photography.  weekly, bella offers creative prompts and then participants post links to their photos/blog to share their work for that week.  {i’ve shared some of my contributions with you in past weeks} there’s some really beautiful work that surfaces in the group and lots of encouragement and inspiration.

once a week, on mondays, bella interviews a photographer.  and today, my dear friend, she has interviewed me!  i am quite honored to be included in bella’s interview series.  i hope you’ll take a few moments to hop on over to the interview…click on this link!!!

sending a little love your way, m


8 thoughts on “…an interview over at 52 photo projects

  1. Mitch! You are amazing! I have loved your photographs in your blog and, obviously, I’m not alone. What a lovely interview. You are poetic in responses to the questions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. how wonderful Michelle!! i agree with so much of what you said, but nothing more than your advice to shoot from the heart and find that beautiful natural light!

    your photos are lovely, nice to see them recognized.


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