dip into my love

i could pour my heart into a bowl
fill it up
share it with you
really, all of me
for you to take as needed
just put it out there
offer it up
when you feel the urge
dip into my

i have shitty days, just like you…that’s life in all its realness.  but some days my heart is so full, i am sure it will explode.  even in the midst of a challenge, i can still feel this incredible surge of something…big.  and i just want to kiss and hug and squeeze and shout “yes!”.

because i know goodness is always there.  and i know beauty is always there.
in the world…in you…in me.  and so i am fine.
i am love.  you are love.
let’s dip into each other’s reserves when we need a little lift.

sending a little love your way, m


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