she was glad

she looked in the mirror
and this is what she saw…
she saw a woman full of love
a woman full of shame
she saw a woman full of courage
a woman full of fear
she saw a woman full of joy
a woman full of doubt
she saw a woman so full, brimming
her heart ached with all the fullness
and she was glad


i sit here knowing that life calls us to embrace the good and the not-so-good, the light and the dark.  it’s not that i think i’ve got things all figured out, but i am very aware of being okay, sitting with discomforts right now.  i am bothered, but i am not scared.

this makes me glad.

sending a little love your way, m

4 thoughts on “she was glad

  1. oh michelle, i am so there with you. even if it’s not okay, it is what it is.

    so glad to see you are aware and proud of all of who you are.

    your words always make me want to write more….


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