:: noticing the moments ::

taking some time to reflect upon my week…

:: anticipation…the outcome is sometimes so sweetly satisfying

:: swings in weather lately…appreciating cozy, rainy days on the sofa and crisp, windy days in the yard..all this following summer-like temps of 80+ degrees

:: connecting with my husband and children

:: moving through the murky waters of a loved one’s illness

:: lingering blooms

:: joining bella as she enters her second year of 52 photo projects.  our creative prompt this week:  begin at the beginning.
my beginning can be found here.

:: jumping on the bed
playing along with christy at in the picture…each month christy provides a theme, within the realm of self-portraits…for me, it’s intimidating but fun.
april’s theme:  shake it out.  you can find my shake here.

:: loving the way my kids get so excited over a glass of lemonade

hoping you enjoyed special moments in your week.  feel free to share some moments or link to your blog in the comments section.

sending a little love your way, m

6 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Hi Michelle. Loved sharing Unravelling#2 with you and am thrilled that now 52 Photos Project guided me toward this lovely space you have created.

  2. This is lovely, just simply lovely – a plain & simple appreciation of your life. My moments of the week? hmmm They wouldn’t make as lovely pictures, I know that much. Loved the lemons :)
    VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com / WordsFallFromMyEyes.wordpress.com


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