the kernels

i’m coming off a weekend of visiting family and friends out of town.  fun, for sure but busy.busy.busy.  and driving home i felt myself feeling a little bit irritable.  the sun was shining gloriously and i was actually quite relaxed.  but something was gnawing at my mood in the midst of seeming peacefulness.

the weekend was filled with fun and goodness, family and friends.  but we were constantly on the go and there was little time for any quiet.  i’m accustomed to having limited quiet time to myself.  as a busy mama, i’m learning {slowly} to carve out pockets here and there.  i have to capitalize on any openings of time i find, be it 5 minutes or {oh glory} 20.  and this past weekend, there wasn’t much any of that.

and that’s okay.  i enjoyed my weekend.  a lot.

it’s just that i am finding myself needing to regroup, recenter.  i took a few photographs over the weekend, but they felt rushed.  and i managed to continue with my daily poems {in celebration of april being national poetry month} but they too were rushed.  i missed my more-intentional time with camera.  i missed my time with paper and pen.  and apparently that threw me for a little loop.

but i like the loop that’s been thrown.  because it’s a little aha, a little beacon of what i need to keep in my life.  creative moments.  intentional moments.
nuggets, kernels.  because all those little kernels add up to something.  for me, they add up to a sense of peace and an awareness of beauty.
each kernel matters…

what are the little kernels of your life?

sending a little love your way, m

5 thoughts on “the kernels

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  3. Wonderful you were able to find the aha in the loop. The kernels I need to keep, as of late, is rest. I’ve been sleeping alot! I need more, but, the rest has been restorative for me. :)

  4. i know. i know. i suffer so when i don’t get that little bit of quiet time, or there is too much packed in at once.

    i guess without the fast times we wouldn’t appreciate the quiet though.


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