waiting for light
knowing it always arrives
just about now
going to the spots in my home
to the places in my heart
where beams illuminate
the grain
the kernel
the dream
beholden to the light
grateful for the glints, flickers, flares


so happy to be joining bella today…{click to take a peek at the beautiful folks joining this week…}


sending a little love your way, m


17 thoughts on “light

  1. LOVE this! So, how many different ways could I tell you that ” I LOVE this!” Without being too over the top? Haha! Beautiful, touching and full of life……~ B

  2. love it. love it. love it. and love that you know where the sunlight comes. it has been cloudy here all week, but sun did break through for a few minutes for me to catch my shot last night, probably not up until tonight though.

    i love that you have places in your heart where the sunshine is :-)


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