i spent some time working in our new garden over the weekend.  gently planting seedlings and carefully placing seeds…some so tiny it’s hard to believe what will grow from them.  i couldn’t help but catch my breath at moments.  these seeds, these tiny little nuggets of life.

the kids are pretty excited about their individual garden plots and i hope…oh, i hope…all our seeds will grow into healthy and strong plants.  i feel like planting our garden was a little reminder about letting go.  we have planted and spaced our seeds according to directions.  we will water and hope for sunshine.  and we will wait for the green growth to appear.  all we can do is aid in the water department.  the rest?  well, it’s up to mother nature and these little seeds of ours.

we have planted and now we will trust in what it to come, in what is to be.

i am also reminded of living a life where seeds of love are planted, tended, and nurtured.  we choose that.  it is up to us to groom a life of beauty and truth.  we make our choices.
jack kornfield wrote:   the heart is like a garden.  it can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love.  what seeds will you plant there?

i choose compassion and love.
and a bit of chard.

what will you grow in your garden…be it vegetable, flower, or life???

sending a little love your way, m


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