here we gather

here we gather
too many times a day to count
nourished by food
enriched by schoolwork
calmed by art

here we enfold
each other with our hearts
grow stories
grow connection
grow love

here we harvest

here we embrace
one another



*** sharing with bella at 52 photo projects today.  this week’s prompt:  where we meet.  click here to peek at the other submissions.

sending a little love your way, m 


15 thoughts on “here we gather

  1. Fantastic photo and awesome poem ~ very inviting all ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor) ~ main blog

  2. Thank you for capturing the daily labor of home schooling in its circle of nurturance. Your table is much neater than mine. Today’s home school table boasted a bullfrog tad pole with sprouting legs, swimming in a bucket of pond water! We miss you!

  3. Lovely picture and words.
    {So true, our dining table at our folks used to be the centre of the whirlwind as we were growing up!}


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