stillness within movement

i took this photo with my iPhone the other day and posted it on instagram, not even thinking that it might feed into a post this week. but then…

not every morning…because sometimes i feel the need to sleep any extra minutes that i can…but most mornings, i bring myself to my yoga mat.  the first thing i do is sit very still…eyes closed…and breathe.  breathing, whether consciously practiced while sitting or consciously coordinated with yoga poses, is powerful.

noting the breath moving through my nostrils.
visualizing it moving into my lungs, filling my lungs.
noting the expansion of my rib cage.
noting my belly expanding with the in-breath, coming back to core with the out-breath.
feeling the warmed breath leave through my nostrils.


it’s a movement many of us take for granted, yet it is essential.  it is {quite literally} life-giving and, therefore, deserves attention.  i try to carry my mindful breathing habits into daily living.  sometimes i’m successful, sometimes not so much.  but the effort is there.  and i know without a doubt that deep, conscious breathing shapes my mind, shapes my being.  i still get rattled by life experiences, but there is a certain calm that i feel within myself…and it’s been there ever since i began a regular practice of sitting…very still…eyes closed…breathing.


there is stillness within this movement of our breath.  it’s a bit of magic, it really is.  it will not cure you of stress, it will not fix all your problems.  but i guarantee it will help.

i encourage you to find moments in your day to really. truly. consciously. breathe.  allow your breath to move your body…not shallowly in your chest, but deeply in your belly; feel your breath.  find five minutes in your day, or even one.  just try it.  if practiced regularly and mindfully, you will feel a difference.  some shift will find you.  really and truly.

linking up with bella over at 52 photo projects.  this week’s prompt: movement.

sending a little love your way, m


19 thoughts on “stillness within movement

  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Have you ever tried 5 rhythms dance? I love the way it really reconnects my mind, breath and body and in the midst of all that movement I find the most amazing peace and stillness.

  2. I have just got back from a holiday in the countryside.I live in a tiny, cluttered house in a very urban area, and I feel like the only time I have room to breathe or space in my head is when I can get out into in the countryside. I just posted something to that effect in my response to the prompt. I need to find a way to get those things on an everyday level.

    I needed this today, thank you.

    1. debbie, i just visited your blog and saw your lovely photo of the red kite soaring. the way you use you camera to capture the world around you shows the peace you are searching and finding.
      as for day-to-day living…it really just takes moments here and there. make them deliberate and they count; they add up.
      so happy you’ve stopped by this morning…


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